Attention! Global students creating amazing presentations.

100 ways to conserve water - A list created by students from 10 countries located on 6 continents.


The Argentinian students are doing research about where does water come from and ways and means to save water. They present their findings via 2 Office Mixes. They also made a PowerPoint presentation about Archimedes' screw.

Students collaborating


The Belgian students invited their parent to discuss ways how water can be saved and came to ideas. They also discussed ways of saving water in their school. They checked the water usage in their school for 2016. They calculated for each month and made an estimation for November and December. They created a chart in Lego and made a stop-motion video. In the last stage they put their best ideas in a green screen movie.

Students collaborating


The Indian students started to do research on the importance of water and in which ways water is used. They made an audit by collecting the water bills of the school. The pictures show the faucets in the school. Water Purifiers to provide Safe Drinking Water are a must in every Indian School. The students created an interesting presentation.

Students collaborating


Students collaborating

New Zealand

The students are busy analysing the water results and are taking a look at their peers' presentations. They created outstanding Sway, Office Mix and PowerPoint presentations!

Students collaborating

USA (California)

How to use and waste water? A beautiful Sway was created including their very own Water song and a long list of tips preventing the waste of water.

Students collaborating

USA (Minnesota)

In progress

Students collaborating


The Vietnamese students tried to find out how to save water.

Take a look at their presentation!

Students collaborating